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Create your own inspiring brand!

Are you feeling a wee bit lost and confused about how to create a powerful brand for your business?

Do you "know" that good branding can make a BIG impact on your bottom line, but you have no idea where to begin?

Have you been all over the freakin' place trying to figure out what your brand should be, but the more things you try, the more confused you seem to get?

Whether you're just starting out with a brand new business, or you want to revamp or better clarify your current brand, this course is for you!

What we're going to cover

  • Learn why branding matters

  • What are the key elements of an effective brand?

  • Get clarity about YOUR brand message

  • Gain confidence about your brand's voice and vibe

  • Know how to tell your brand story so it connects you with your dream clients

  • Select the visual elements that perfectly communicate your brand - your colors, fonts, and imagery

  • Learn how to use your visual elements effectively

  • Design moodboards that capture the visual essence of your brand

  • Create your own personalized branding guide to help you stay true and "on brand"

  • Learn the basics of Canva to help you begin building your own graphics and marketing materials

Being clear about your brand - and not just the fonts and colors (though you'll get clear about those things too) - will help you feel more confident, you'll start attracting more of the "right" kinds of clients - people that inspire you and just "get it" - they understand you and what your business is all about.

Brand clarity is the key to YOU feeling empowered as a business owner.

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You'll be able to take your final branding guide and use it to DIY your own website and create a strong + consistent brand over social media OR hand it over to a designer to do the heavy lifting for you.

Oh wow! I didn't know it could be this EASY!

From Midge Duncan

I have done a TON of work throughout the years on Branding. I even paid a coach $300 per hour for several weeks to create the brand for my new company and STILL didn't have it flat. This was so c...

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AWESOME! I loved it!

From Anita Richesson

The Brand Clarity workshop helped me combine 3 different businesses into one clearly defined business with one distinct brand and message. It helped me hone in on my dream clients and begin to cre...

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The title is perfect

From Heidi Totman

Really enjoyed this workshop! I found the lessons extremely educational and helpful. Lisa gets right to the point with very clear instructions that you can follow along with ease. I've learned a lo...

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Clarity is key and Lisa is a powerful locksmith

From Kate Love

Before taking this workshop I was a jumble of ideas, hopes and passion for my brand. I knew I was being called to help other women, but I had no idea how to clarify exactly who was ideally suited t...

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Meet your instructor

Lisa Work

Lisa Work

Web Designer, Online Teacher, Brand Strategist

Having a web site and an online presence that is TOTALLY YOU – that communicates who you are and how you make the world more awesome – that’s what I love to do, and what my design work and these courses are all about.

You can learn more about me and my business on my website:

Create your own amazing brand!

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