Wordpress For Beginners


A step-by-step guide for how to set up your own wordpress site + blog


If you want to make the switch to wordpress, but it feels a bit overwhelming and confusing...

You can stop looking up on google to figure this stuff out.

Wordpress For Beginners is here to help.

This course will walk you through how to do everything - from buying your domain name, to writing your first blog post.

What we're going to cover

  • How to buy your domain name and tips for choosing the best URL.

  • Setting up hosting, what all of that means and how to make sure your domain can be found on the internet.

  • Installing wordpress onto your new website.

  • How to set up a professional email address (for free) that you can check and use from gmail.

  • Choosing a good theme, what to look for and how to get it installed on your website.

  • We'll go behind the scenes and walk you
    through the wordpress backend so you'll know what to do to start building your website.

  • How to set up all of the pages that you'll need.

  • How to get your blog ready to start blogging.

  • You'll also learn about widgets and plugins, what they are, how they work, where to get them and why you'll probably need them.

  • Finally, I'll show you how to set up a coming soon page that visitors will see until your brand new website is ready to launch.

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From Russ Hennigar

I like to think I'm computer literate (AutoCad, Camtasia, most of MS programs). I'm on the cusp of launching my 1st Thinkific course and my own website. My head hurts...I need clear, simple directi...

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Easy to Follow and Easy to Use

From Midge Duncan

This class was so easy to follow. Broken down into bite sizes, I was able to follow EVERYTHING in here never having done ANYTHING with Wordpress. I didn't even know what Wordpress was when I star...

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Meet Your Instructor

Lisa Work

Lisa Work

Web Designer, Online Teacher, Brand Strategist

Having a web site and an online presence that is TOTALLY YOU – that communicates who you are and how you make the world more awesome – that’s what I love to do, and what my design work and these courses are all about.

You can learn more about me and my business on my website: bebrightstudio.com